Stringing lies at the core of every shot that you make. It is the easiest of customization that can make the biggest difference in the way your racquet plays. At Wrigley’s tennis, we have decades of experience and multiple high-end stringing machines models used by tour professionals as well as a Babolat Racquet Diagnostic Center (RDC) to measure pre and post stringbed conditions. We use Electronic “Constant Pull” stringing provides the most reliable and repeatable results, multiple machines ensure your product turn-around in the event of a failure and diagnostics shows the proof in the workmanship of a completed job as well as better decision making on stringing frequency to save you money.

Our YONEX Protech 8 Machines and string selections
Rich Vernsey stringing at the 2019 Australian Open in Melbourne VIC Australia

Our head stringer Rich Vernsey has strung for top ten players on the ATP and WTA World Tours, lead stringing for ITF Pro Circuit events and Wrigley’s Tennis has been the official stringer of many USTA Junior National events. Working at the highest levels gives us the opportunity to work and learn from the best stringers in the world, interact with top players and stay relevant on what products and tendencies are used by tour professionals. At Wrigley’s Tennis we stock over 250 different kinds of string and pride ourselves on play testing, evaluating and expertly recommending the perfect string for your game. We attend industry shows and stay on the cutting edge of technology with respect to bringing new products into the shop. We also string racquetball and badminton, wood racquets, unusual racquets. If it has strings, we can string it!

Frequently Asked Questions about Racquet Restringing:

How long does it take to get my racquet strung? Our normal turn-around is 24 hours of the next business day. We also offer priority stringing for an additional $10 per frame. Priority stringing is completed within one hour, and 30 minutes for each additional frame.

How much does it cost to get my racquet restrung? Most string jobs fall between $25 and $35 for popular synthetics, multifilaments and hybrids. Premium strings run a bit more and Natural Gut and Gut Hybrid jobs are upwards of $50. We do not attempt to maintain a full price list online due to the constant changing of our string inventory and the introduction of new strings that come to market.