Merchandise Return:

Within 30 days of purchase, contact or call 941-637-1487 to request a return, and a pre-paid shipping label will be emailed to be attached to the original packaging. Orders that were shipped with “free shipping” are not eligible for a pre-paid label but can be returned to our mailing address by any shipping method.

  • Products must be unused and in the condition they were received.
  • Strung racquets will not be refunded for the price of the string.

Once your return is received, the refund will be applied to your original method of payment. Please allow two business days for your return to be processed. Please note, depending on your credit card or bank, it may take 2-10 business days for the refund to post to your account.

Stringing Warranty:

Stringing services are covered by a two week warranty if evaluated as a flaw in stringing method. String breakage at the edge of the string bed from a mis-hit is common and is not covered. If a string is broken in the center of the string bed and you feel that the string is defective, please bring it in for evaluation. With today’s thin gauge strings, open string patterns and heavy topspin strokes it is not uncommon to break properly strung non-defective string in as little as days or even hours. We stock over 180 different string types and can recommend a more durable string.

Natural Gut string jobs are not covered under any warranty. Natural Gut is a natural material (cow intestine) and can be unpredictable in its longevity. Modern high-quality natural gut is better than it was 25 years ago but it is still sensitive to moisture and tight turns in racquet grommets. We have stung Natural Gut in frames that have won Grand Slam Championships and we know how to do it correctly. If you feel that you have a natural gut string job that has broken due to a mistake in stringing you are welcome to plead your case but we will make the final decision. “Playing with Natural Gut is like owning a boat; Sometimes it just breaks.”

To make a valid warranty claim, the racquet with the broken string must be brought into the store for physical inspection by a stringer within 14 days of the date on the label. The strings must be kept intact, not cut or pulled out of the frame in any way.

Teflon tubing and custom single grommets are intended to be a temporary patch that extends the life of the racquet for a short while until replacement grommets are sourced and installed. Racquets with tubing or grommet repairs are not covered by warranty.