If you purchase two or more retail frames, they are typically not the same weight and balance. Sometimes they are not the same flex. Out of balance frames can usually be remedied by adding weight where necessary on one or all of the frames to be ‘matched’. It is not possible to alter the flex (RA) of a frame. For our customers buying multiple of the same frame at the same time (highly recommended), we will test as many frames as possible and choose the ones that are closest, hopefully within one point of flex (RA). Then we choose out of those frames the ones with the closest swing weight as measured in kg/cm2. We have attempted to match some frames that are never going to play like each other and most manufacturers will not warranty a frame for

Frequently asked questions about frame matching:

I paid good money for my frames, why are they not the same from the factory? Most racquets are made in the same factory in China. Where they are made is less important than the fact that they are outsourced, and the company’s name on the racquet is not the manufacturer. Racquet companies buy factory time and must produce a high volume of frames to last them for most of the production cycle. The same people do not make the same racquets all year, they are filling orders for many companies. The only racquet manufacturer that does not outsource is YONEX and the consistency of the manufacturing is much, much better. This is not a theory, it is easily provable.

Will matching void my factory frame warranty? No. We use lead tape, silicone and other materials common in the industry to match frames. We have a good relationship with all of the major racquet manufacturers and would gladly work on your behalf to remedy a warranty situation. If one of our customized frames is not warrantied due to obvious abuse of the frame, we do not get involved.

Is matching permanent? Yes and No. When possible, we place lead tape under the head guard where it is not visible and is less susceptible to damage during play. This does make it more difficult to remove and often requires the replacement of the head guard to do so. Weight in the handle is typically removable but depending on the amount used it can be difficult.

I am a recreational player, do I need frame matching? Even at the recreational level, tennis is a game of inches. Having matched racquets typically leads to players rotating their frames more consistently which allows them to maximize fresh stringing and get out of the bad habit of a ‘backup racquet’. It also gives confidence if you need to go to another frame during a match for any reason. If you are a player who is buying more than one frame, you will benefit from frame matching.