Zensah Compression Thigh Sleeve (Black)


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This compression thigh sleeve may be used during training, activity, and for muscle recovery. To aid in pain relief, the thigh sleeve is ideal to help recover from a quad injury or hamstring injury. Compression technology helps stabilize and support the quad and hamstring muscles, as well as improve circulation.

A specially-designed no-slip silicone gripper ensures the thigh support sleeve stays in place during activity and doesn’t slip down. Offering ideal quad and hamstring compression, the thigh sleeve is supportive yet comfortable for thigh muscles. Whether a runner using the thigh sleeve for hamstring support or a cyclist using the thigh sleeve for improved muscle recovery, all athletes are able to benefit from the Zensah Compression Thigh Sleeve.

  • No-slip silicone gripper: At the top of the thigh sleeve, silicone gripper dots on the inside of the thigh sleeve prevent it from slipping and ensures it stays in place.
  • Targeted quad and hamstring support: The thigh compression sleeve helps to provide stabilization and support to the upper leg in the quad and hamstring areas
  • Advanced Compression: The compression technology also helps to reduce muscle vibration and prevent microtears of the muscle. The compression also increases circulation to reduce swelling and speed recovery.
  • Moisture wicking and anti-odor: The premium Zensah fabric of the thigh sleeve contains antimicrobial properties. Fabric stays dry and smells fresh even during the toughest conditions and the most rigorous activity.
  • Full range of motion: The lightweight material offers the optimal blend of support while allowing you to move easily. Like a thigh compression wrap, the compression thigh sleeve may also be used under hard thigh braces and supports for added comfort and support.

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