Yonex Rexis 17 (1.25mm)


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Utilized for the first time in a tennis string, REXIS is made with the super-elastic FORTIMOTM polyurethane material. Utilizing FORTIMOTM, the REXIS tennis string mixes high flex and explosive snapback. As a result, the string boasts increased durability and players experience faster ball speeds.

The FORTIMOTM polyurethane material combines flex, repulsion and durability while maintaining a brilliant white color due to its non-yellowing properties. This same polyurethane material is also used in elastomers for automobiles, as well as in medical tubes. The debut of the REXIS string marks the first time the material has ever been used in a tennis string.

FORTIMOTM is fused into the string structure utilizing two innovative manufacturing techniques, resulting in a 4%* increase in ball speed and a 21%* increase in durability. The result is a string that delivers a deep bite and potent power, letting players hit the high-speed shots they’re looking for.

FRF (Fusion of Resin Filament) Process
Utilizing the FRF manufacturing process, gaps between the string’s nylon filaments are completely filled with resin, resulting in a super dense and solid string structure. This lets players experience reduced power loss on their hits.

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