Pro Kennex Q+15

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QPlus Technology

Pro Kennex pioneers new material layup patterns and resin systems to replace frame chassis weight with 25% more Kinetic Energy Chambers. This increase over its predecessor improves the heralded benefits of Kinetic technology, redirecting even more wasted energy (shock, torque, vibration) and transferring it back to the ball in velocity and direction.

With the incidence of arm injury at a historical high, improving the unique physics found in the Kinetic System–which shields the player from harmful impact forces–has never been more needed than right now.

Of course, the same Newtonian physics that protects your arm, also yields the most efficient energy transfer in racquet equipment; boosting frame capacity while providing its protective shield for your health. This means more players, playing longer and more often…..AND BETTER.


The latest evolution in Kinetic Science, the Quadfocus System rethinks the application of Newtonian physics by componentizing the Energy Chambers and moving them to the four corners of the frame. This positions the chambers away from the most stable area of the frame to the most vulnerable, focusing energy more efficiently.

Since the Kinetic Technology works on a sensitive timing system (like pistons in an engine), the Quadfocus design allows us to custom load the chambers based on location. Tip speed is much faster than hip speed. This function has unleashed a sweet spot like no other. A virtual square vs. the normal oval shape found in conventional, mono mass systems. This cornered expansion gives the player an enormous advantage as the ball-strike moves away from the sweet spot, particularly in the 10-2 positions.

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4 1/8" (L1), 4 1/4" (L2), 4 3/8" (L3), 4 1/2" (L4)