Yonex EZone 108

This racquet is maneuverable and forgiving, making it perfect for players who need a racquet that accelerates with ease and offers a generous margin of error for when contact is less than perfect. The generous hitting surface makes for very few mishits. This racquet’s raw speed and ‘grippy’ string pattern provide the needed spin potential for bringing the ball down very accurately. At net the large 108in² head provides a luxurious surface for making solid contact; and the light weight ensures that the racquet comes around quickly. There’s also plenty of power and spin to be had on serves.

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Head Size


Grip Size

4" (L0), 4 1/8" (L1), 4 1/4" (L2), 4 3/8" (L3), 4 1/2" (L4), 4 5/8" (L5)

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String Pattern


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